Windsor Castle wedding photography

Windsor Castle wedding photography. It’s a rare opportunity to be a part of a wedding at St George’s Chapel. I was so pleased to be asked by Lottie and Will to photograph their day at Windsor Castle. Lottie’s father is one of The Military Knights of Windsor, the oldest establishment of the British Army. As a Military Knight, the family live inside the castle grounds and have permission to use the chapel for weddings. There are very few weddings in the chapel every year so it is real privilege to be able to get married here. The Chapel is a “Royal Peculiar” which means it’s outside of the local parish and managed by the sovereign. Even if you fit into the narrow criteria to be allowed to get married here, you still need the permission of the Queen.

St George’s Chapel wedding

Happy to say that was permission granted for the wedding ceremony. I was also granted for use of the old moat for the drinks reception. The moat is now a spectacular rose garden and provides a beautiful and secluded spot for champagne and canapés. It is a short walk up the hill from the Chapel. That walk must have been quite a surreal moment for Lottie and Will. Having just got married but having walked out onto those iconic steps. To be greeted by their guests but eager tourists and under the watchful eye of the palace guard!


Windsor Castle wedding

Don’t let the air of formality and military presence (Will was an officer in the Tank Regiment and many of the guests had military connections) think that was a rigid and regimented day. If anything, it was an incredibly intimate family day full of honest emotions. Lottie’s parents are two of the happiest, gentle souls and that shows in the way Lottie is. Will is full of dry humour delivered with enthusiasm and a huge smile. These two are perfect for each other and make the most incredible couple. As long as Lottie can survive Will’s enthusiasm on the dance floor, I can see a very long and happy life together.

Windsor Castle wedding guardsmanSt Georges Chapel windsorwindsor castle brideWindsor Castle wedding

Windsor Castle wedding photography.

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