St Pauls Cathedral and Savile Club wedding

St Pauls Cathedral wedding

St Pauls Cathedral wedding photographer. This was always going to be a special wedding with this incredible couple. So much chemistry for each other. I think I could have photographed these two in a field and had the same lovely energy from them. But they out did themselves with two beautiful venues for their day; St Paul’s Cathedral for the wedding ceremony and The Savile Club for the wedding reception. If that wasn’t good enough, we had a day of glorious sunshine, just to add that little extra sparkle.

Wedding photos at St Pauls Cathedral

The wedding ceremony was held in the OBE Chapel in the basement of St Paul’s Cathedral. It’s a unique space and even intimate although walking through the grandeur of the cathedral to get there might make you think otherwise! Sadly photography in the chapel is a big no-no and you will get a tap on the shoulder from a very stern verger if you even look like you’re going near your camera bag let alone take a photo. After the quiet cool of chapel, we were out into the glorious London sunshine and the bustle and attention of passing tourists. And a huge sigh of relief from both Sybil and Chris! A few photos in the cathedral garden then whisked away in a stunning vintage car, off to the Savile Club.

Savile Club wedding photographer

The Savile Club is an 18th century house in the heart of Mayfair but doesn’t have the feel of a stuffy London club in anyway. Wood panelled walls and grand staircase be-lie the easy going and relaxed atmosphere. The club itself had a few locations before settling in Brooke Street. It was originally two houses knocked together by Mary and Walter Burns in the 1890s and redecorated in the then current style of French elegance. It was a space used to introduce their daughter to English society and find a husband. Today it was used as a celebration of a sublime wedding.

Savile Club wedding

Walking up the staircase in The Savile Club you feel like you are walking into the clouds. IT’s a pretty special venue with it’s own unique charm. Sumptuous food and impressive wines and a relaxed atmosphere, it is the perfect spot to celebrate and enjoy Sybil and Chris’s superb day. It’s such a good sign when guests walk into a venue and it has the wow effect yet very quickly they feel at home. The gentle murmur of conversation just built and built to a very noisy evening and a fantastic party! St Pauls Cathedral wedding photographer


St Pauls Cathedral wedding photographerSt Pauls Cathedral weddingSt Pauls Cathedral wedding photographerSavile-Club-wedding-photos

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