Sunflower wedding at South Farm

Sunflowers, sunshine and a little bit of magic

Sunflower wedding. No matter how much planning I do as a photographer or how much I can visualise a wedding before I even pick up a camera, every now and then a wedding sneaks up on you and knocks your socks off. Corinne and Kevin’s wedding did exactly that. We’d spoken about plans for the day, the necessary timings and logistics and expectations. All done with quiet, modest and understated charm from these lovely folks. South Farm is a very efficient wedding venue behind the scenes making the whole day look effortless. In my experience it always attracts couples who know what they want in their day but certainly don’t want any of that wedding stress or anxiety. Although there might have been a few pre-wedding nerves, they were both so comfortable and confident in their day, making it as much about them as the celebrations afterwards.

Summer wedding at South Farm

Romantic and emotional ceremony and a belting party with family and friends afterwards, perfect! Lovely, warm mid-summer’s day meant that they could they have a relaxed reception. Don’t let the photos of umbrellas put you off – making sure you have umbrellas tends to keep the rain away. It’s when you don’t plan for rain is when you are likely to get it! Guests making the most of catching up with each other as well as some very slick magically skills. I’ve watched many magicians at many weddings but I have never worked out how the tricks are done. Still none the wiser but still very impressed!

South Farm wedding venue

So much of this day kept giving. Every detail had been taken care of and so much of personal to Corinne & Kevin. You couldn’t keep the excitement off Corinne’s face all day; and you could see how her happiness made Kevin fill with pride and joy. The wedding may have been planned around making sure the guests had a great day but it was all really about the love these two have for each other. It was truly an honour to be a part of their day.

Sunflower wedding


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