Cley Windmill wedding photos of Kirsty & Doug

Cley windmill wedding photos. What a day! Proper coastal weather where you looked one way and there were dark looming clouds but if you looked the other way, it was blue skies. Kirsty and Doug had planned an outdoor ceremony but knowing the British weather, they knew they had better have a marquee for the wedding as well, just in case.

Doug greeted the guests as they arrived whilst Kirsty got ready in the windmill. It was only a short walk in flip flops into the garden and a quick change into smart shoes for the ceremony.

Cley windmill wedding photos

The nerves were palpable! Even in that short walk, you could see Kirsty get very excited. Doug was nervous from the start! But when they met at the top of the aisle, you could see how happy they both were and a what a huge release of emotion it was. Not to say there weren’t a few happy tears or over whelming moments. Quickly nip over to Cley Windmill to sign the paperwork and do the formalities before the reception.

Outdoor wedding ceremony

Thankfully the weather held for a very relaxed reception. The garden of the windmill was full of little kids causing happy chaos and lots and lots of laughter from all the guests. There was so much love for these two brilliant people. During the reception, we nipped off for a few photos around the windmill, a little opportunity to take it all in, especially from the top of the windmill itself.


Three of the best singing waiters you’ll get to see at a wedding. Quite simply, superb. Not a dry eye in the house after sining an incredibly impassioned song from Les Miserables. But they left on a high with the crowds cheering and leading a conga!




Congratulations to a brilliant couple! Cley windmill wedding photos

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