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Botleys Mansion wedding. Autumn was definitely in the air for Katie and James’s Botley Mansion wedding. The warmth of summer is still with us but horse chestnuts and conkers were looking ready to fall and the leaves are on the cusp of turning gold. September is a great month to get married in, the weather tends to be more settled and guests tend to be that much more relaxed after the summer. Are you getting the feeling that it’s my favourite time of year!! But what really makes a wedding for me are the couples and without doubt, Katie and James are up there with the best of them.

Botleys Mansion wedding photos

I know they took a lot of time and effort making sure they had the right venue in Botleys Mansion and equal amounts of effort an energy making sure the rest of the day was perfectly planned and well put together. The only anxiety I felt they had was their first dance – a lot of couples go through the same anxieties – but I have to say, Katie and James did it with style and grace with nothing to worry about. Here’s Just One from their day with plenty more favourites to follow soon.

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