Hengrave wedding photographer | Louise & Alex

Hengrave wedding photographer. I met Louise and Alex on a glorious sunny afternoon for a drink and a chat about their wedding photography. Louise was her usual bright, engaging and lovely self. Alex had just returned from his stag weekend and I was massively impressed he had made it at all. I suspect that quite a lot of what we talked about probably didn’t stick with Alex. Happy to say, on the day, Alex was back on happy and perky form.


We arrived at Hengrave Hall on an equally bright and sunny day, fresh and full of summery goodness. A perfect day for what turned out to be a pretty perfect wedding. It is a pretty impressive venue any time of year but when drive down the long drive and see the Hall nestling in amongst the trees, it is pretty spectacular.

The morning started with plenty of little, personal gifts from Alex to and from Louise. Really touching and proof that the little things can mean so much. The wedding ceremony was in the chapel and then out onto the terrace for the reception drinks on the lawns. Sunshine, happy couple, champagne and lots and lots of friends, quite simply superb. Could not really ask for more.


Into the Long Gallery for the meal and the evening party. And what a party that was! First we had the speeches. Usually the father of the bride is a little nervous and sometimes lets the emotions of the day get the better of him. Not Louise’s dad, he delivered the pitch perfect speech where there were no prisoners! Alex thought he’d had the worst of it but his best man took on baton and continued where he had left off.


And then the party really started! The first dance was enthusiastic and full of energy as any I’ve seen. A precursor to the rest of the evening, that dance floor was filled all evening. Hengrave wedding photographer.


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