Notely Abbey wedding photography of Becky and Tony

Notely Abbey wedding photography. From the first meeting with Becky and Tony, I knew this wedding was going to be a lot of fun. A LOT of fun! They both have a fantastic sense of humour and had put in so much energy into organising this wedding. They couldn’t have picked a more beautiful venue, Notley Abbey in autumn is incredibly beautiful; golden leaves on the trees, late summery sunshine with blue skies, what more could you ask for. Well, the weather was like that in the morning and we could ask for it to stay like that all day long! Sadly, the other side of autumn, the blustery, cold skies took over and it was indoors for the reception.

Notely Abbey wedding photography

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  • Wow, these images are really great. I love country houses and this one looks great. I think country houses are always the best place to organize a wedding.

  • Such stunning images, really fantastic. I really love the shot of the first dance, the images just show what a magic day it must have been. Steve & Sandra.

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