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Stoke Park wedding

Stoke Park wedding photographer. Being a Stoke Park wedding photographer is always a great day, it’s a fantastic Buckinghamshire wedding venue that offers so much to photograph. It also offers the option of jumping into a golf buggy (one for the bride and groom, one for me) and driving off around the park looking for photo opportunities. Of course (if anyone at Stoke Park is reading this) we were incredibly sensible and well behaved, although the temptation to see how far/fast they could go was always there! Richard looked very comfortable behind the wheel of his buggy, I wonder if it will convert him from his bikes?

Buckinghamshire wedding photographer

A first for me at Ellie and Richard’s wedding was having Ellie’s father help with the wedding dress –

unusual in that it’s usually the bridesmaids in charge and unusual in that it was a man who had followed the instructions on how to do the dress up – form experience, Dad’s are usually still doing a bit of gardening or opening champagne. Di McDonald did her usual fantastic job of hair and make-up for the ladies, Ellie looked truly stunning. The speeches were an emotional affair, well for everyone else, I just had a bit of hay fever that’s all – there is such an amazing bond between Ellie and her father and it really showed throughout the day.

The ceremony was held at Chalfont St Giles Parish Church and the reception was at Stoke Park Country Club.


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