Somerleyton Hall wedding photographs

Somerleyton Hall wedding photographs. The Hall is one of the most spectacular country houses in Norfolk. None more so in the glorious summer shine that we had for Marie and Tom’s wedding day. Scorchingly hot with brilliant blue skies, England really is the most incredible country on blissfully perfect summers days like this. It is also a house steeped in character and history surrounded by beautiful formal gardens and rolling parklands. For all it’s grandeur, it also has a charming homely and intimate feel to any wedding day. You can’t help but picture yourself living there, as part of it all, even if it is only for the weekend.

Somerleyton wedding photographer

Somerleyton Hall is impressive on a grand scale but Marie and Tom couldn’t have been more humble and unassuming. Two of the kindest, warmest souls you are likely to meet and so very much in love. I loved the incredible chemistry between these two lovely people which was obvious from the first time I met them. Tom was quietly nervous before the ceremony and Marie was bubbling with excitement. Tom nervously paced the splendid ceremony room whilst Marie waited in the front hall flanked by two giant polar bears – doesn’t everyone have two giant stuffed polar bears in their front hall?

Wedding sparklers and fireworks

After an emotional ceremony, everyone made the most of the sunshine and champagne in the gardens. Well everyone except poor Marie who had to take a enforced break due to a debilitatingly bad back. A great shame but huge testament to Marie that she was back on her feet and determined to not only make the most of the day but to enjoy it to the full. Well, she wasn’t going to miss out on her favourite thing of all (well, second favourite after Tom of course) that of fireworks and sparklers. The evening gave us some fantastic opportunities for sparkler photos. Congratulations to a wonderful couple and an incredible day! Somerleyton Hall wedding photographs.