Walberswick wedding photography

Walberswick wedding photographer

Walberswick wedding photography. When I first got Marieke & Chris’s initial email, I knew I was going to love their wedding! They were both full of enthusiasm for their plans but also with that quiet confidence that says that whatever happens, it’s going to be a brilliant day. And it was. They met whilst both working in Southwold. Not only a lovely part of the world to get married in but also somewhere with a lot of significance for them. With connections in the industry and a bit of local knowledge, they made the most of having a marquee at The Anchor in Walberswick and the getting married in the newly refurbished (but yet unopened) Swan Hotel in Southwold.

Southwold wedding

The only issue was getting all the wedding guests from Walberswick to Southwold and back again. For me, this was one of the best bits of the day. Walking to the ferry, being rowed across and then wandering along the coat through Southwold to The Swan. Not even a slight drizzle was going to dampen these guys spirits. A few day trippers looked on slightly confused to see an absolutely stunning bride wandering along the coastal path. After the wedding ceremony, everyone headed off to the beach for Pimms and scones but not before nipping into the pub that Marieke worked at where she pulled a few pints for the guests.

Anchor Pub Walberswick wedding

Marieke’s boundless enthusiasm was infectious. It was a family thing, the energy from the Dutch side of the wedding was superb. It didn’t falter once and went on well into the night. But having a father-in-law as a cellar man might have had something to do with those evening celebrations!


I was so impressed by the rowing skills of the ferry boatmen and lady – getting across the water in a fairly heavy tide would have been challenge enough but doing it with a boat full of wedding guests as well was extraordinary.

I love the look of the slightly bemused pub goers. All the way through the walk there and back, you could see day trippers looking on wondering if they were under dressed for a day in Southwold. It’s very smart in Suffolk, don’t you know!

Swan Hotel Southwold
The Swan Hotel Southwold
Walberswick wedding photos
Walberswick wedding photography
Walberswick wedding photography

The one huge advantage of the bride’s father being a social photographer is that Marieke was very used to having her photo taken. No awkward shyness here. But equally when I suggested doing something beyond a few standard poses, Marieke pulled out this incredible jump. Love it!

I think the DJ got a new smoke machine for his birthday and he wasn’t afraid to use it. If you are ever anxious about doing your first dance, this is the perfect solution. Crank up the smoke machine to 11 and disappear into the cloud, hide for the length of the song and then reappear with a flourish and bow. No one will be any the wiser and will be convinced you did an amazing job.

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