Bruisyard Hall wedding photography of Christina & Guy

Bruisyard Hall wedding photography. Crisp, clear and near perfect autumn day for Christina and Guy’s wedding at Bruisyard Hall. Low golden sunshine hitting the Hall & dramatic skies made for a stunning backdrop for this wedding. Such a pleasure to be a part of a relaxed. informal day and joyous day. It may have been in the middle of the English countryside but the vibe was definitely Swedish, a lot of love and a lot of fun.

Autumn wedding at Bruisyard Hall

Bruisyard Hall wedding photography. One of the real luxuries of a wedding at Bruisyard Hall is that lots of the family and guests turn up to the Hall the day before; they get a chance to catch up, relax and settle into the weekend before the wedding starts. Arriving on a Saturday morning is usually a very laid-back affair, a few people are sitting around the kitchen table carrying on conversations from the night before and just starting to think about getting ready for the day ahead. There is very little drama, maybe a few nerves as everyone starts to get ready but none of that crazy chaos you can get at some weddings!

That relaxed feel is something that settles in over the whole day. The folks at Bruisyard are so good at managing the day that a wedding feels more like a great get together with friends than anything else. It’s a Suffolk thing.

Elegant and Stylish Suffolk wedding

Christina may have been a lot more comfortable in a pair of old jeans and a checked shirt but she looked absolutely stunning in her wedding dress. I got the impression that looking so formal was about the only thing that made her feel a little anxious. The rest of it was pure excitement to be marrying Guy. Before the wedding, Guy had the steely seriousness of a man in charge and in no way at all nervous. That steelyness melted away as he walked back up the aisle after the ceremony and looked like he couldn’t have been any happier. Special mention has to go to Christina’s father who wrote and sang a special song during the ceremony. Not a dry eye in the house.

Swedish and English wedding

There may be a few differences between English and Swedish cultures (wooden floors vs carpets; rattly old windows vs double glazing) but this wedding had one thing in common – a lot great friends and family celebrating a fantastic wedding day. Plenty of chatter, plenty to eat and drink and finishing off with a great party in the evening. And for those staying in the hall, a short walk up the drive from the barn for a night cap. Or two.


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