Hengrave Hall wedding fireworks

Hengrave Hall fireworks

Hengrave Hall wedding fireworks are a rare but highly enjoyable treat. And absolutely blummin’ spectacular! The fireworks for Vicki and Dean’s wedding were set up by the capable and very nice folk from Fully Fused Fireworks and there were a few fantastic little touches that made the experience just that extra bit special. If you ever want to feel like you are walking on stage for the final of X-Factor, this is your moment. Standing in amongst these huge fountains of fireworks was so cool …but then again, I’m a big kid and a sucker for fireworks.


Hengrave Hall fireworks


We had been lucky with the rain all day – a few spots as Vicki and Dean walked into the chapel but thankfully nothing when they walked out. During the reception we could see a large ominous black cloud rolling over the fields towards Hengrave Hall and a massive storm hitting a few minutes before the end of the reception. Near perfect timing. Just to keep us on our toes, there was a bit more rain when the last of the decisions about the timings of the fireworks were being made. But thankfully, we had a perfect cool and clear evening when it was time to light the fuses. I know Vicki would have been gutted if they had been called off. Me too!

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