Buckinghamshire engagement photography

Buckinghamshire engagement photography



Buckinghamshire engagement photography. One of the good things about having an engagement shoot is that not only do you get some lovely photos of the two of you before the day but you can also use it as an opportunity to get comfortable in front of the camera before the wedding. That is, if you do your engagement shoot before the wedding! We booked an engagement session in before the wedding but as I was driving to Richmond Park, I nearly got blown off the road thanks to horrendous weather. I got a slightly concerned phone call from Steph wondering if we should postpone the shoot. Yes!

Buckinghamshire engagement photography

We did this shoot a few days after Steph and Ian got back from their honeymoon. Still on cloud nine from their beautiful wedding at Nether Winchendon and their honeymoon, we headed out into the Royal Park for our shoot. And thankfully much better weather than our first attempt.

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