Englefield Estate wedding photos

Englefield Estate wedding photos. Englefield Estate is an incredible country house steeped in history and tradition settled into 20,000 acres of some of England’s most stunning countryside. It is also a private family home with a very much lived in and personal feel. The house is an impressive backdrop to the 12th century St Mark’s Church which is a short walk from its front door. You might recognise the house from film and television. One of the luxuries of this venue is that they only do a handful of weddings each year.

Englefield Estate Wedding

Well, as ever, a wedding blog wouldn’t be a wedding blog without a weather update. The weather at this wedding kept us on our toes! The morning was blustery and wet. The kind of day you say calmly to the bridal party “yeah, it looks fine, if anything this wind will just clear out the sky for a clear day ahead” whilst quietly strapping on some extra heavy boots so you don’t get blown away yourself. Thankfully, the day did clear up, for the important parts at least. But it kept us guessing as sunny, blue skies were quickly replaced by a heavy downpour and then blue skies again.


Englefield House wedding photos


Englefield Church Wedding

One of the many gems about Englefield House wedding is that the ancient estate church of St Mary’s is literary a stone’s throw away from the house. A short walk from the church, through the ancient house and into the incredible gardens for the wedding reception. The marquee sitting proud on the lawns overlooking the rolling estate grounds. Perfect to settle in for the afternoon and evening.

Englefield Marquee Wedding

There was so much hard work and so many details that were put into this day. Even the impressive cake was made by the bride. So many little touches that made this an incredible wedding. The party went well into the evening with a huge and energetic ceilidh.


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