Suffolk wedding photos of Hannah & James

Marquee wedding in Suffolk

Suffolk wedding photos. What an absolute blast Hannah and James’s wedding was. But I always knew it was going to be a bit special from when I first met Hannah and her family. And it really didn’t disappoint! Well, you know you are onto a winner with a gin-themed wedding for a start. Your welcome at Hannah family home is so warm and friendly to the point that it feels like anything less would be criminal. A perfect space for a fantastic wedding with plenty of friends and a lot of fun.

Wedding photos in Suffolk

The downstairs of the house was full of hustle and bustle as the day started. The cake decorations being finished, the flowers being sorted and the general controlled chaos of a wedding morning. It was surprisingly calm upstairs where the girls were getting ready. I normally tip toe very carefully tip toe around for bridal preparations but it seemed almost empty. Obviously it was in the bathroom where the party was happening – Hannah was having her make-up done and all the girls had piled in to join her. Pole position to enjoy a glass of fizz and a good natter was in or on the bath. Best way of getting the job done and having a lot of fun in the process. The laughter was long and loud and didn’t stop all day.


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Wedding rickshaw

The boys dropped by the house before the ceremony to pick looking very dapper. Nerves weren’t showing just yet, still plenty to keep them occupied before hand. Quick once around to make sure the marquee was in good order, to put on buttonholes and then a short walk up to the road to the church.

For the girls, I could see the nerves were starting to kick in. Preparations were done, dresses were on and it was time to start thinking about heading to the church as well. Hannah looked quite simply stunning. Elegant, stylish and simply gorgeous. Every now and then she’d beam a great big cheeky smile and you could see all the joy and anticipation she had bubbling away under the surface. It was then off to the church with her father and sister on the back of a Suffolk Rickshaw.

Suffolk church wedding

When I said the boys weren’t showing any nerves, James was doing a great job of hiding his! You could see the relief and joy on both their faces when the met at the altar. It was such a lovely ceremony, the release of the nerves was tangible. And loved the walk back down the aisle to the Game of Thrones theme tune.

Relaxed family garden wedding

It was a quick rickshaw ride back to the family home for the couple and short walk for the guests. Thankfully we had plenty of sunshine making it the perfect summer’s day to enjoy the wedding reception in the garden before heading into the marquee for the evening meal and party. And what a party – did I mention the gin theme? I think that might have had a little part to play in it all! Suffolk wedding photos.


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