Herefordshire wedding photography of Iona and Greg

Herefordshire wedding photography. Over to Kilpeck in Herefordshire last December for the winter wedding of Iona and Greg. Kilpeck Church is an impressive and ancient Norman church in a beautiful part of the country. It’s also one of the most welcoming parts of the world as was testament to Iona’s family who were nothing but warm and generous with their hospitality right from the start. The ceremony was late in the afternoon and, close to the shortest day of the year, meant that it was pretty dark when Iona turned up for the ceremony. It worked incredibly well as Hexie had gone above and beyond in the organisation and made sure that the path to the church was well lit and the church itself was full of candle light.


Incredibly romantic, if a little chilly, in the church but I don’t think Greg or Iona noticed. To be honest, apart from each other, I don’t think they really noticed anything, they were so engrossed in each other. Back to the family home of Dippersmoor Manor for more Millais hospitality and into the evening for the wedding breakfast. As always, my concerns before a wedding are usually practical – winter weddings have their own set of challenges let alone with the way the weather has been this year but from the moment I met Iona’s parents, I knew the day was in good hands. Fantastic evening, superb speeches and warming winter welcome throughout. Herefordshire wedding photography.

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