South Farm summer wedding of Natalie & Tom | Part One

`.... we're extremely excited to go through them properly . They are incredible! Thank you so so much ..."

South Farm summer wedding. Sometimes you meet a couple and you know that they have chemistry.

South Farm wedding

Natalie and Tom have chemistry …by the bucket load. Style, charm, a quiet elegance and a superb sense of fun as well. Oh, and they make a beautiful couple. That’s enough, right? Leave something for the rest of us? Well, no because they chose the lovely venue of South Farm, organised for a sunny day (most of it at least!) and provided fantastic friends and family to enjoy the party with. The attention to detail was incredible – not just the stunning flowers, the cake (mmmm, that cake), table plans, dance floor lights but all the individual and personal touches that mean so very much more. Every place setting had an individual photo of every guest – can’t tell you how much organisation that takes; at the end of the ceremony, Natalie and Tom, instead of walking out, greeted and thanked every guest who was there; Natalie bought Tom and the boys a case of Tom’s favourite beer from Australia to enjoy before the day kicked off; Tom had hand drawn a card for Natalie (not a dry eye in the house, bit of hay fever kicking at that point!), the list goes on. You could tell by the speeches, the list of ‘thank yous’ was very touching, sincere and heart-felt.

South Farm summer wedding

There are too many photos for just one post so here are a few favourites from Part One – you can see Part Two of this post by clicking here.

Oh ..and the game you see everyone playing with the balls on string thrown at metal bars during the reception is completely addictive. And highly competitive!

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