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Thank you so much Jim! These pictures are amazing - you managed the capture the day more beautifully than I could have imagined! We really enjoyed working with you and family & guests had great feedback too

Loseley Park summer wedding

Loseley wedding photographer. This wedding was such a blast! Stylish, relaxed and a lot of fun – and spending time with Quinn and Tom, I get the impression that that’s their default attitude to life. This wedding felt a lot like coming home; settle in, kick back and enjoy because you are in good hands today. There was obviously a lot of hard work that was put into the wedding day but for everyone there, the day was effortless and all about enjoying the occasion. A great venue, a well planned day, lots of brilliant friends and family. And thankfully, no rain!


loseley wedding photographer

Loseley gardens wedding

Wedding photography at Loseley has so many different options. More often than not, you are likely to see a Loseley House wedding with it’s formal wood panelled Great Hall and classical elegance. But today’s wedding made the most of the incredible gardens with an outdoor ceremony. The legal formalities were done before the ceremony so it meant that the blessing could be taken by a friend. Along with a couple of personal readings from guests, this made for an emotional blessing. Then onto the rest of the garden for the reception. If you are lucky enough to get the perfect wedding weather that we had, then a day like this is absolutely sublime.

A short walk from the gardens across the lawn in front of the house to the Tithe Barn for the meal and evening entertainment. Fantastic food by Caper & Berry with some emotional speeches dotted through the meal. And then the party. A fantastic band kept most of the guests on the dance floor, which is quite a feat when there were some punchy cocktails on offer in the bar. A brief break in the dancing for sparklers and fireworks. Then back to singing as loud as possible to some of 80s rocks finest. When you see a guest tie his tie around his head and shout out “Living on a Prayer” like it was the last song they’ll ever sing. It’s then you know your work here is done. Congratulations to a superb couple and brilliant guests!


Loseley weddingLoseley Park Weddingloseley wedding photographer

Loseley wedding photographer.

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