Olde Bell wedding photography of Sarah and Craig

Olde Bell wedding photography. It was early October for Sarah and Craig’s wedding at the Olde Bell, Hurley. At this time of year, you are never quite sure what you are going to get in the way of weather. Today turned out to be one of the finer days of the year! Not saying too much by the state of the weather 2012 has given us but all the same, the sun shone and the day was almost balmy, what else could you ask for? Well, perhaps a very smiley bride; a handsome and confident (yet quietly very emotional) groom; lovely family and friends all set in a beautiful rural yet chic and stylish Buckinghamshire pub? And ‘bingo’ – full house! Sarah and Craig had talked about having a relaxed and low key wedding, focusing on the celebration after as much as the marriage itself. Such a quietly unassuming couple who were determined to make sure their guests had a great time.

Olde Bell wedding photos

The wedding itself was incredible – the barn where the ceremony was held was decorated with tiered pedestals of candles and simple white and pale bouquets of flowers, the only light for the ceremony was the candle light itself. Over to the Malt House for the drinks reception and canapés (mmm, yum) whilst the barn was turned around for the evening meal. The barn was set up banquet style but the candle light created an intimate and romantic feel to it all. The speeches can sometimes be a great measure of the day and the couple – Craig was supported (and roasted!) by his brothers; in turn he gave an incredibly passionate and emotional speech, inspired by Sarah’s kindness, generosity and all round general loveliness. Once all the happy tears had been wiped away it was back over to the Malt House for the evening’s entertainment and lots of dancing. Lots! Congratulations to the new Mr & Mrs!

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