RAC London wedding photography of Zoe & Simon

RAC London wedding photography

RAC London wedding photography. Early April and it was a blisteringly beautiful day for Zoe and Simon’s wedding in London. When we met up earlier in the year to go over everything, the weather wasn’t a factor at all in our plans. “Meh, it’s all indoors so we don’t have to worry about whether it rains or not”. But sitting on the top deck of a big red Double Decker London route master with the sunshine pouring in and you are waving at the tourists as you head through Piccadilly Circus, you can’t help but feel a little special. This is a pretty incredible occasion!

Our bus journey was from the Royal Institute of Great Britain (home of all things scientific) to the RAC, Pall Mall (home of all things car related). The Royal Institute was particularly significant to both Zoe and Simon both being career scientists. Our  group shot of the whole wedding was held in the famous lecture theatre. I’m not completely sure if this wasn’t the highlight of the day for Zoe! We joked that once we had everyone in the theatre and seated, she would lock the doors and read through her dissertation. Sadly for all of us, it was not to be, that would have been a rare treat.


RAC London wedding


Everyone had to head back to the RAC for champagne and canapés instead …! I was very pleased to be able to have the statue of Faraday in with the confetti shot. I think of all his achievements, being a part of this wedding would have rated highly.

Royal Institute wedding venue

The RAC is an incredibly grand venue in the heart of London, very much the heart of the establishment. You can stand among the marble columns that greet you as you walk in and be a little intimidated but nothing could be further from the truth. It is a fantastic space, warm and welcoming. And its grandeur is only matched by its hospitality. A fantastic reception followed great evening and rounded off with Simon’s brother’s band, The Grateful Dads (and special guests)!

Here’s to an incredible day and a wonderful couple.

London wedding photos


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