Buckhurst Park wedding photos. This blog post is well over due but certainly well worth the wait. Laura and Henry’s wedding at Buckhurst Park was one of the most fun weddings I have had the pleasure and privilege of being a part of. One of those weddings that even if I hadn’t been asked to stay until the end, I would have anyway! The solemnity and reverence of the ceremony in the beautiful Catholic church in Mayfield was contrasted by the yurt in the grounds of Buckhurst Park where the partying went on well into the night.


When I first met Laura and Henry, Henry was running a little late. I sat with Laura and we discussed the wedding day. The two most striking things you notice about Laura are her obvious astonishing natural beauty but also how incredibly capable she is. You feel that there would be no challenge that she couldn’t manage. Henry bounded in like a very excited puppy. Before we had even finished shaking hands, he had told me about the cocktails for the wedding. And the name of the wedding band and the style of DJ for the evening. With his boundless enthusiasm and all embracing charm, you could see why Laura’s eyes were full of joy and warmth.

Buckhurst Park wedding photos


Their wedding was a testament to what an incredible couple these two lovely folks are. The breadth and depth of family and friends that were there to celebrate with them was impressive. From the sermon taken by Henry’s priest from his school days, who obviously knew him well (!) to the incriminating yet heart-felt speeches the best men gave who obviously knew Henry all too well.

Wedding sparklers

Buckhurst Park is a wonderful backdrop for a wedding, a grand house with rolling gardens and stunning views across some of England’s most beautiful countryside. Made even more impressive with a Spitfire fly past during the reception. Looking down from the house over the tiered gardens, their wedding yurt sat comfortably to one side of the lawns giving them a huge space to have dinner and, most importantly, to party. Buckhurst Park wedding photos.

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  1. Looks like an amazing day! So much fun throughout the images! Looks like a great party!