Long Barn wedding photography. There are weddings where you just chuckle all day long – this was most definitely one of them! An incredible couple with a fantastic sense of humour, determined to enjoy themselves and to make sure everyone else did too. Lucy and Dan’s day at The Long Barn in Newton Valence was planned with this very much at the top of their ‘to-do’ list. And they did it with with a huge amount of relaxed elegance and style throughout. The Long Barn is a venue which lends itself to rustic and relaxed charm – massive oak beamed space indoors looking out over the rolling Hampshire landscape, prefect for watching the setting sun. As wedding venues go, it’s pretty blummin’ lovely!


“… they are absolutely brilliant. We are so chuffed, you managed to capture the day perfectly.”

Lucy and Dan were brilliant to work with. So much enthusiasm for the day, for each other and so keen to share it with everyone. As soon as they had done the official bit and walked down the aisle, the wedding was about everyone, family, friends, guests and having a belting good party.


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Old Tythe Barn, Whatfield
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