Suffolk Farm Wedding of Pippa & Will

Suffolk Farm wedding photos. Pippa and Will’s wedding was, quite simply, incredible. As such, It was a testament to two brilliant people, a fantastic group of friends and family and all their hard work. And having a superb location for the wedding really added the icing on the cake. Pippa’s family farm sits on the banks of the River Stour estuary and, in typical Suffolk style, the land is flat and rolls gently from land to sea to sky. There’s a lot of sky, a huge canvas for some of the most incredible sunsets. It’s difficult not to feel an instant connection with the land and the sea. What an absolute belting spot for a party!

Suffolk farm wedding photography

I could go on about the sheer joy that these two showed throughout the day. The pride and love that just seemed boundless from friends and family. The amazing skies and sunset or the hell of a party that finished the day. But a definite highlight for me was that I got to go up in a cherry-picker to take the group shot! Will asked if I was okay with doing that? Yup, too right, best view in the house!

Suffolk marquee wedding

I have had the pleasure of photographing some amazing weddings with incredibly intricate marquees. Huge marquees wrapped around houses or built into the interiors of castles and chateaus and this is right up there as one of my favourites. Certainly one of the most impressive. It was defined by its simplicity but it’s character changed throughout the day. Coming into its own when the sun started fall over the horizon and the sky blew up into so many different and incredible colours. The pond reflecting everything, it was simply breathtaking. Here’s to a fantastic couple and an amazing day. Suffolk Farm wedding photos.


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  • What a wonderful day filled with love and happiness! So lovely to relive it with these amazing photos! We felt very honoured to be invited to such a special, special day for William and Pippa!

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