Chippenham Park wedding photography. Just catching up with my blog posts with Becky and Will’s wedding at Chippenham Park from last summer …and the images just make me smile. Smile a lot! What an incredible day – what an incredible couple. You are not likely to meet two more lovely and genuine people. Apart from a few understandably nervous moments before the ceremony, I don’t think either of them stopped smiling all day. Great friends, great family made my job all that much easier.

Chippenham Park wedding photography

Chippenham Park is quite simply beautiful. A grand family home with incredible gardens that go on forever – from the house, through the formal gardens, rolling meadow down to the lake. I could have spent all day photographing there and very much look forward to going back sometime soon. We had a few anxious moments with a drop of rain as the wedding party turned up to the park but thankfully it was a very brief drop. Plenty of opportunity to get out and enjoy the gardens. We were even blessed with a bit of glorious sunshine!

Now, I usually get carried away with the speeches, I love a good speech. It has to be said, these were cracking speeches. Will’s multilingual speech was incredibly heartfelt (although I thought he was going to try a bit of Welsh as well as French at one point); Becky’s father was pitch perfect with his timing and a great sense of humour; and Will’s brother as best man walked the tricky tightrope of being funny, risque, inoffensive and endearing. And the hat. Everyone giving a speech had to wear the hat. Or was it any one wearing the hat had to give a speech, I cant remember.

Superb day all round. Very happy memories from a very happy wedding.

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