South Farm spring wedding photos of Allie & Tom

South Farm spring wedding photos. Allie and Tom came back from Africa to get married at South Farm and they did a brilliant job of bringing the sunshine with them. The deep bright orange African sunset was the colour theme of the day and made for a magnificent choice, especially for the stunning flower arrangements and bouquets. Allie looked to be having the time of her life, she was completely in her element. I don’t think she stopped beaming with that incredible smile of hers all day! Tom looked pretty impressed with it all, I think he was even happy to give triathlon training a rest for the day. (Although I thought it safe not to ask in case he he said he’d rather be running …)

South Farm spring wedding

There were a few nervous moments for Tom when during his best man’s speech. Any best man who stands up to give a speech wearing a cabaret dancer’s head dress is either lacking in content for his speech or very confident that what he has to say is going to get a good reception. Thankfully it was the latter. Sailing close to the wind certainly brought out a few beads of sweat on Tom’s head!

Spring wedding photography

The day was just what an English spring wedding should be. Crisp, clear sunshine. Warm during the day but a chill drawing in later in the day. Spring flowers just nosing about ground wondering if it’s safe to pop out. Wedding and reception outdoors, the garden full of noise and laughter and lots of champagne being drunk (Allie and Tom’s own label …), hog roast and a belting party at the end of it all. And not forgetting a quick visit to see the South Farm piglets who do have a fondness for trying to have a cheeky chomp at wedding dresses!

Here’s to a fantastic day and many congratulations to the new Mr & Mrs!


south-farm-002.jpg South Farm spring wedding photos south-farm-004.jpg south-farm-005.jpg south-farm-006.jpg south-farm-007.jpg south-farm-008.jpg south-farm-009.jpg south-farm-010.jpg south-farm-011.jpg south-farm-012.jpg south-farm-013.jpg south-farm-014.jpg south-farm-015.jpg south-farm-016.jpg south-farm-017.jpg south-farm-018.jpg south-farm-019.jpg south-farm-020.jpg south-farm-021.jpg south-farm-022.jpg south-farm-023.jpg south-farm-024.jpg south-farm-025.jpg south-farm-026.jpg south-farm-027.jpg South Farm spring wedding photo south-farm-029.jpg south-farm-030.jpg south-farm-031.jpg south-farm-032.jpg south-farm-033.jpg south-farm-034.jpg south-farm-035.jpg south-farm-036.jpg south-farm-037.jpg south-farm-038.jpg south-farm-039.jpg south-farm-040.jpg south-farm-041.jpg south-farm-042.jpg south-farm-043.jpg south-farm-044.jpg south-farm-045.jpg south-farm-046.jpg south-farm-047.jpg south-farm-048.jpg south-farm-049.jpg south-farm-050.jpg south-farm-051.jpg south-farm-052.jpg south-farm-053.jpg south-farm-054.jpg south-farm-055.jpg south-farm-056.jpg south-farm-057.jpg south-farm-058.jpg south-farm-059.jpg south-farm-060.jpg South Farm spring wedding photos south-farm-062.jpg south-farm-063.jpg south-farm-064.jpg south-farm-065.jpg south-farm-066.jpg south-farm-067.jpg south-farm-068.jpg south-farm-069.jpg south-farm-070.jpg south-farm-071.jpg south-farm-072.jpg South Farm spring wedding photography South Farm spring wedding photos south-farm-075.jpg piglets at south farm south-farm-077.jpg south-farm-078.jpg south-farm-079.jpg south-farm-080.jpg best man practicing speech african wedding table plan south-farm-083.jpg south-farm-084.jpg bride's speeches south-farm-086.jpg best man's speech south-farm-088.jpg south-farm-089.jpg south-farm-090.jpg south-farm-091.jpg south-farm-092.jpg south-farm-093.jpg South Farm wedding cake south-farm-095.jpg south-farm-096.jpg south-farm-097.jpg south-farm-098.jpg south-farm-099.jpg south-farm-100.jpg South Farm spring wedding photos south-farm-102.jpg south-farm-103.jpg south-farm-104.jpg south-farm-105.jpg south-farm-106.jpg south-farm-107.jpg







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