Rustic wedding photography of Ellie & Jon

Phew! What an incredible day!

Rustic wedding photography.When I met up Jon and Ellie to talk through their wedding, they were full of ideas and plans. Having been involved in weddings for over 20 years now, I always nod politely knowing that if a couple can put together about 50% of their ideas, they're going to have an incredible day. But wedding planning and organisation is a full time job in itself and certain ideas get shelved in favour of more practical solutions. Especially if you are like Ellie and Jon where you planned to do so much of the day yourself.

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Suffolk spring wedding | Just One

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]'ve been looking forward to this wedding for ages! Georgie (or 'Miss Georgie') is one of the long-suffering nursery school teachers who has had to look after my kids over the years. I'd like to think that my kids were perfect little cherubs with excellent manners but when I pick them up at the end of a long day at nursery, their cheeky grins and poor Miss Georgie's slightly weary face told a different story. Georgie swapped her bright pink nursery school teachers polo shirt for an absolutely stunning dress and veil. We were lucky enough to have the last of the full bloom of spring blossoms and daffodils out, perfect accompaniment to a perfect day.

Here's one of my favourite shots from the day with many more to follow soon.

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Herefordshire wedding photography of Iona and Greg

Herefordshire wedding photography. Over to Kilpeck in Herefordshire last December for the winter wedding of Iona and Greg. Kilpeck Church is an impressive and ancient Norman church in a beautiful part of the country. It's also one of the most welcoming parts of the world as was testament to Iona's family who were nothing but warm and generous with their hospitality right from the start. The ceremony was late in the afternoon and, close to the shortest day of the year, meant that it was pretty dark when Iona turned up for the ceremony. It worked incredibly well as Hexie had gone above and beyond in the organisation and made sure that the path to the church was well lit and the church itself was full of candle light.

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